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Pregnancy Diagnosis and Scanning Course - Module 1 - 30th-31st Jan 2018

Course dates: 

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 to Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Finefarm Ltd
Manor Farm
Otterhampton  Somerset  TA5 2PT
United Kingdom




  Module 1 (of 3 Module Course )

  £500 + VAT 

  (£1300 + VAT for all three modules)


Tutor: Sally Wilson BVMS DBR MRCVS

These courses are held in very small groups to enable high amounts of attention and tuition per person. The course is based very much on practical demonstration and tuition, giving each attendee as much practical experience as possible. Module 1 covers the basics, with the next 2 modules increasing in intensity and level of practical tuition. By the end of the last module, the attendee will be equipped with the skills necessary to:

  • perform a pregnancy diagnosis down to 35 days 
  • identify twins 
  • identify structures on the ovaries such as ovarian cysts.

In order to attend modules 2 and 3, module 1 must firstly be satisfactorily completed.

Extensive notes will be provided with “homework” between modules which will allow the attendee to improve his/her practical skills before attending the next module.  There will also be back up advice and phone support between modules with visits/coaching supplied on-farm at a reduced hourly rate if required. The date for the next module will be set after the end of each of the first two modules and will, as far as possible, accommodate the needs of all attendees.


What you can expect from each Module:

Pregnancy scanning- Module 1 (2 day Course)

Qualifications: All attendees must already hold a DIY AI certificate in order to attend this Module.

This module teaches how to:

- Identify the uterus and manipulate it manually

- Identify the uterus with an ultra sound scanner

- Feel a pregnancy manually from 7 months plus, down to 3 months

- Identify a pregnancy with the scanner down to 3 months


Pregnancy scanning- Module 2 (2 day Course)

Qualifications: All attendees must have successfully completed Module 1 in order to attend this Module.

This module builds on Module 1, focussing on successfully and confidently identifying early pregnancies. It will enable attendees to:

- identify a pregnancy down to 35 days with an ultra sound scanner

- successfully and confidently diagnose a cow as not pregnant from 35 days upwards.


Pregnancy scanning- Module 3 (2 day Course)   

Qualifications: All attendees must have successfully completed Modules 1 and 2 in order to attend this Module.           

This module will equip the attendees with skills to enable them to identify:

- a pregnancy down to 35 days with an ultra sound scanner

- twins

- pyometra and some other uterine abnormalities

- the ovaries, with significant structures such as cysts


This course is limited to very small numbers: it is therefore recommended that you confirm your place as soon as possible.

£500.00 + VAT

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