NEWS & VIEWS – the end of an era

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NEWS & VIEWS – the end of an era

Evolution’s Newsletter has been sent out faithfully since the Practice’s beginnings, always carrying useful informative articles and bits and bats of useful dates, price changes, weddings, births and, sadly, deaths.

After much discussion, we decided that the time has come for News &Views to ‘evolve’ into its next form. There is, sadly, no longer the time available for such an involved publication to be produced with any kind of regularity and our regular readers will doubtless have noticed the recent reduction in frequency of the magazine, eventually dribbling away to a complete lack of any issues at all!

How will you know what is going on now??

We have replaced the Newsletter with Evolution Bulletin Board – to be found on the Home Page of our website ( which will list all current items of interest. Clicking on the link for each bulletin point will take you to more information about each item, with further links to full Information Sheets where appropriate.

We will also be posting out a printed bulletin sheet for those of you who prefer to have a piece of paper to read with your coffee! This will be sent to all who previously received a printed Newsletter - if you don’t wish to be on our mailing list for this service, just give us a ring or drop an email to and we will remove your details.

Want to look something up in one of our old Newsletters?

Worry not! They are all archived on our website and still available for reading/printing. Click here to find what you are looking for.