The value of mobility scoring

Mobility scoring is to lameness as milk recording is to mastitis... It is essential if you want to improve your herd's mobility - and everyone wants that, don't they?

We know that in order to improve anything, we first have to measure it. Then we make a change (hopefully an improvement) and measure again. This means we don't waste time, effort and money doing things that don't deliver results.

In 2017, the Register of Mobility Scorers was created, to give confidence to farmers that mobility scoring was a repeatable and valid measure of herd lameness prevalence. Initially, grandfather rights were given to those who were performing mobility scoring regularly, and could show that they had attended some relevent training in the last 12 months. Now, new members must have attended a qualifying course, teaching them how to identify sound and lame cows, how to record that information in a usable way, and how to report it so that the information can be used as part of the bigger picture. We are running one of these courses on 10th January 2019. Click here to see details and to book a place.

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