Information Sheets

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Abortion and Embryonic Mortality Greasy pig disease NEWS & VIEWS – the end of an era
Alpaca anaesthesia Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Nutrition: Feeding For Fertility in a Nutshell
Alpacas are NOT ruminants Iodine deficiency in goats Orf
Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) JOHNES - NATIONAL JOHNES MANAGEMENT PLAN (NJMP) Parasites
Babesiosis Johne's Disease in Small Ruminants Pseudo-ringworm
Blackleg Johne's Disease - A summary Respiratory disease in chickens
Bloat Ketosis Retained fetal membranes (cattle)
Blowfly strike in sheep Lambing Club Ringworm - Dermatophytosis
Bluetongue Lameness in cattle (introduction) Ringworm in Pigs
Bovela Vaccine (Boehringer) Lameness: Digital Dermatitis Ruminal acidosis
Brucellosis Lameness: Foul in the Foot SAINSBURY'S BVD CONTROL PLAN
BVD and IBR Control Lameness: Laminitis in cattle Salmonellosis (cattle)
BVDfree England Lameness: Sole ulcers Sarcoptic Mange in Pigs
Caesarean section of sheep and goats Lameness: White line disease Schmallenberg
Caseous Lymphadenitis in sheep and goats LDA Scour in Calves
Choke (cattle) Legislation regarding keeping of poultry Sheep scab
Clostridial Diseases Lice in pigs Silage Eye
Coccidiosis Lice in sheep Skin Disease in Pigs
Contagious Pustular Dermatitis Listeriosis Statutory Withdrawal Periods
Cryptosporidiosis Lumpy jaw - Actinomycosis Swine pox
Cystic ovarian disease (COD) Malignant Catarrhal Fever Vaccinating for TB- The Facts
Diarrhoea in small ruminants Mastitis in Cattle TB testing - farm requirements
Down Cow Syndrome Mastitis (environmental) Transition: Protect her Potential
Electronic ID of sheep and goats Mastitis (grading) Tuberculosis
Entropion Mastitis - The Five Point Plan "The Vital 90 Days"
Fatty Liver Syndrome Milk Fever WATOK
Fog fever Milk goitre Welfare of chickens
Update on Footbathing and Rotavirus Vaccine Mucosal Disease White Muscle Disease
Freemartinism Neospora Wooden tongue - Actinobacillosis
Grass staggers New Forest Eye